This jewellery design page shows before and after images, this allows you to visualise how a piece of jewellery will look once finished.

We start with a basic shaded CAD model which shows measurements of each element for you check over and approve.

Once your CAD design has been tweaked and finalised it is ready to be 3D printed into a wax model.

The 3D wax model is then lost wax cast on a casting tree  into your desired precious metal.

Once cast into metal I hand finish and polish the jewellery ready for stone setting.

Use the orderform at the bottom of each page to obtain a bespoke quote.

Gemstone chart
Printable sizer
Gemstone info
Precious metals
Ring size chart
Stone settings


Bespoke cad design
Bespoke cad design
Bespoke cad design
Bespoke cad design



Please fill out the order form and email me an image of the style of jewellery or design you would like made to

We will email you a bespoke quote within a couple of hours and let you know if we require any further details.