Project Description


Our unique mens wedding rings are designed in a non traditional wedding ring style to cater for modern day men.

All unusual, quirky and unique mens wedding rings are custom made to order from sterling 925 silver, 9ct yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and 18ct golds, palladium and platinum for an eclectic choice and to suit all budgets. We can design and make bespoke men’s wedding rings or matching wedding rings on request. Please refer to our metal and gemstone charts to visualise the look.

Please use the orderform at the bottom of each page to obtain a bespoke quote and the guides below for more info.

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silver gold island rings

Atlas Ring

A lovely balance of subtle ribbed waves and raised island shapes symbolizing a world map effect.

Tirec Ring

Bold geometric tire pattern with stipped background texture, gold ball rim and polished internal band.

emoji icon ring design

Icon Ring

Fun playful rings designed with raised emoji inspired icons and stippled textured background.

Gold Tread Ring

Exclusive all season tire tread rings in gold.

Silver Tread Ring

Stylish custom tire grip rings shown in silver.

Tirec Rings

Bold two-tone geometric tire pattern with stippled background texture, tactile gold bobble rim and polished internal band.

Vulcanize Ring

A superb realistic vulcanized black tire plated in black ruthenium with gold vermeil band insert.

Slice Rings

Chunky mens sliced rings made with deep random grooves.

Gold Bone Ring

Chunky gold ring featuring a bone inspired inlay and raised edges.

Silver Bone Ring

Chunky silver ring featuring a bone inlay and raised edges.

Riven Rings

Stylish double layered unisex rings designed with a riven slate texture.

Dragback Ring

Stylish deep textured ring designed with a dragons skin pattern. The silver has been oxisded to create depth.

Mosaic Ring

Stylish two tone ring designed with a geometric tiled pattern and textured black plated inlay.

Scale Ring

This gold band has been designed with overlapping snake scales.

Spinel Rings

Unusual gold ring set featuring a vertebrae pattern and engraved black pattern.

Printa Rings

Custom finger print ring set shown in silver and gold. Send your own ink finger prints to me.

Ripple Rings

Wide solid silver bands with a textured water ripple effect.

Raw Rings

Matching wide wedding or commitment rings designed with a textured bark pattern.

Volcanic Rings

Silver matching wedding bands. One is with black spinel gems, the other has a black plated rock textue inlay.

Paw Ring

Masculine silver ring with riased wolf paws and stippled texture inlay.

Husk Ring

Two tone ring with silver rim and gold coconut husk textured inlay.

Gold Vertebrae Ring

Exclusive, unique gold ring design designed with a 3D vertebrae skeleton.

Silver Vertebrae Ring

Exclusive, unique silver ring design designed with a 3D vertebrae skeleton.

Filigree Ring

Matching his and hers wedding rings with a filigree pattern in silver, contrasting black recess and accent rubies.

Slipstream Rings

Luxury two tone white and yellow gold stackable wedding bands designed with a wavy river flowing over the band.

Slipstream Tri Ring

Luxury tri tone silver and yellow gold stackable wedding bands designed with a black plated wavy river flowing over the band.

Zipper Ring

Unique stackable wedding rings crafted in white and yellow gold with white and black pave set diamonds.

Chamber Ring

Designer signet statement ring made from white gold with a yellow gold secret chamber that seamlessly connects.

Chamber Ring – Back

This shows the back and inside of both interlocking rings.

Chamber Ring – Top

This shows the top of the rings black and white diamond pave setting.

Chamber Ring – Side

This image shows a close up of the rings side profile.

Signet Ring

A modern spin on your classic signet ring, the band has a raised herringbone pattern which merges into a diamond encrusted shoulders and top.

Signet Ring

This image shows the back, face and inside of the ring.

Hero Ring

Superb ring design based on the iconic superman sign. The rings shoulders feature a kriptonite rock effect and behind the S is a starburst pattern.

Hero Ring – Top

Showing a close up of the of the main shape of the ring.

Piano Ring

One of my favorites is the this interlocking stackable silver piano ring with black ruthenium plated keys.

Silver Olympic Ring

Another iconic signet ring design based on the five Olympic rings.

Olympic Ring – front

Front view showing the curvacious form.

Olympic Ring – Top

A close up to show the gorgeous top design in gold.



Please fill out the order form and email me an image of the style of jewellery or design you would like made to

We will email you a bespoke quote within a couple of hours and let you know if we require any further details.