Returns / exchanges / guarantees?

Due to the nature of our jewellery being totally bespoke we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges, this is because each item is made individually to a specific specification so can not be sold to anyone else. In the unlikely event, if you find a fault with your jewellery once it has been delivered then we will rectify the problem straight away free of

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Is your jewellery hallmarked?

Yes, all our jewellery over the weight limitations outlined below (which is the majority) will be hallmarked at the London assay office featuring their cat head logo. Jewellery does not have to be hallmarked if it weighs under 1 gram for gold, 0.5 gram for platinum & palladium and 7.78 grams for sterling silver.

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How do I make a payment?

Please make all BACS payments to my company bank below or call me to make a card payment over the phone: Mob: +44 (0) 7786 990 765  / Tel: +44 (0) 845 269 8579 Bank / Payment institution: Revolut Beneficiary: THOMAS NAYLER LTD Account number: 34477756 Sort code: 04-00-75 Payment ref: (your order number)

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What is your payment process?

Once you are happy with the quote supplied by email and have approved the 2D or 3D design proof of your jewellery by email, we will raise an invoice and start production once your payment has been paid in full either by BACS transfer or debit card.

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How do you design jewellery?

To start with please email me a rough sketch, google image or photo of the jewellery you are wanting me to make or replicate for you. I and my designers use CAD software to design a 3D computer model of your jewellery for you to approve prior to rapid prototyping into a 3D wax model ready for casting then handcrafting. NOTE: We can only design

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Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, I do require payment in full prior to making all bespoke jewellery designs. The payment in advance is to cover the materials and my labour time to make your jewellery.

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Can you make any stone settings?

Yes, we can design and handcraft jewellery with any type and style of stone setting you desire. You can refer to our jewellery guides page which shows some drawings of settings we can design. Also, our fine jewellery page shows off some nice settings.

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Why don’t you sell online?

We do not sell online as each piece of bespoke jewellery is unique with many factors altering the final price. Even if you want to order one of our existing designs the price would often change depending on the daily gold fix at the time of ordering, the gemstone quality and size of the jewellery required. With all bespoke jewellery designs, a 3D model has

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Do you wholesale jewellery?

Yes, I regularly wholesale handcrafted sterling silver jewellery to brands and organisations. Also, silver and gold plated jewellery are made with or without enamel at wholesale prices. Please view examples of my branded corporate jewellery.

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What materials do you work with?

We handcraft jewellery from all types of precious metals, including fairtrade sterling 925 silver and fairtrade 9ct and 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, palladium and platinum with numerous types of gemstones in different shapes, qualities and sizes. The metals we use are recycled to lower our carbon footprint. You can refer to our jewellery guides page which gives a detailed overview of the semi/precious

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